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the holding of extreme political, ideological, or religious views; fanaticism.

Science to science denial, religious freedom to theocracy, coincidence to conspiracy, liberty to license; these push beyond the grey areas, into the fringes of every topic. Common to all these points of polarization are the subjective realms where the “extreme” view is simply a dividing line between various echo chambers.

Join us on BlogNostics for a look at what bounces off the walls, seeps through the cracks, puddles on the floor of the new forums of social media that play host to so many of these diatribes, calls to violence, rants and murmurings of the fever swamp.

We are currently accepting submissions that explore the concept of extremism. Give us your impressions of the place where the ride leaves the rails, where the mindset of chaos becomes the option of choice.

Please be aware that your work will be promoted on social media. BlogNostics will adhere to the content guidelines of these services. Artistic depictions of extremism are acceptable to the degree they are acceptable on these services. We will not publish hate speech, calls to violence, etc. Use common sense. You don’t need to use your “inside voice”, but use the voice you have inside. Show. Us. You.

Extremism Submissions