Stonehenge by Willow Rose


by Willow

The mead we drank beneath the five-pointed star stains my mouth like liquid rubies; I try to speak but my words have turned to crystals,… Read More
Star Talk Willow Rose

Star Talk

by Willow

Twenty miles offshore, from a womb-like sleeping berth, I poked my head through the hatch to find a transformed earth; The stars were a blizzard… Read More
Mama by Willow Rose


by Willow Rose

I am sorry, mama, if your blood pressure’s up and the bills are due; That seventy-five dollar perm screwed your hair up– Oh Mama, My… Read More
Diagnosis by Willow Rose


by Willow Rose

I bleed my eyes on the last x-ray, and shatter and fragment– splinters of stained glass say that sin has to pay. All of my… Read More
Memories by Willow Rose


by Willow

Half-forgotten memories hang like tattered scarves from the naked and wintry branches in the forest of the past, The full moon casts fledgling shadows. Mutable… Read More
Morning on Daniels Street by Willow Rose

Morning on Daniels Street

by Willow Rose

Morning on Daniels Street Dawn found us still awake, Me, still in the throes of passion! No Great Purpose in my life, until I felt… Read More
Reverie by Willow Rose


Like a painting by Cezanne, the night unfolded its polychromatic hues, intense brush strokes bathing with light a once dull canvas. Remembering how your legs,… Read More
White Snow, Red Blood by Willow Rose

White Snow, Red Blood

By Willow

An early dusk, a light dusting of snow; Visibility is good, the moon golden and low; The ranchers are pacing in Italian leather boots, warm… Read More