A Dish Best Served Cold by Neil Chatterton

A Dish Best Served Cold~

Is Love the excuse As the bitter cold Seeps into every nook and cranny O’er me. My shivering distracts As my absent mind Wanders and… Read More
Levels by Neil Chatterton


Suddenly awake A subtle shift in ambiance Or my own fear realized. Dare to move Dare to dream That this feeling is real Wanted it,… Read More
Lovingly Caressed by Neil Chatterton

Lovingly Caressed~

Reaching for you Touching your hair As your eyes are fixed Upon this road. Those Palouse hills Distracting Their contours Sensually rise and fall Before… Read More
Man in the Moon by Neil Chatterton

Man In The Moon

by Neil Chatterton

Faintly at first A whisper from the trees Calling. Their leaves Rustling Energies in concert As sprites dance Owls sing While above the moon smiles.… Read More
Wet Caress by Neil Chatterton

Wet Caress

by Neil Chatterton

Slowly, Slumbered thoughts drift Conjured images rise Murky passageways Rise up As darkness smirks Revealing its intentions Gleefully. I struggle Groping Feeling Touching Hoping Yet,… Read More
Window of a Soul by  Neil Chatterton

Window of a Soul

by Neil Chatterton

Eyes now Blank Staring Seen too much Where is the sparkle That set the world on fire! Do you ever ponder While walking this busy… Read More