Pushing Pigeons by Lisa Brandel

Pushing Pigeons by Lisa Brandel

Pushing Pigeons Pigeons burst up from the wire Their wings beating chaos against the sky Covered by the approaching sirens. Don’t go, someone whispered, but… Read More
Pablo Neruda Lies: Heartbreak In Three Easy Movements by Lisa Brandel

Pablo Neruda Lies by Lisa Brandel

Heartbreak In Three Easy Movements by Lisa Brandel

Pablo: Movement 1~ Neruda: Movement 2~ Lies: Movement 3~ Pablo: Movement 1~ She was not at all, what I expected. I watched her fingers flip… Read More
Unpublished by Lisa Brandel

Unpublished by Lisa Brandel

by Lisa Brandel

Unpublished Closed chapters of books untouched Not a crack in the binding Virgin to all eyes, unexplored ventures That never and always were. It was… Read More
Plug by Lisa Brandel

Plug by Lisa Brandel

Plug Do pills have calories, She asked. Knowing if they did She’d be obese. It didn’t stop the question No answers were provided It was… Read More
Lisa Brandel Platinum Art Gallery~

Lisa Brandel~

Light 2 Dark

Lisa Brandel Contact Lisa [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Follow Lisa Personal Website: Lisa Bandel Blog: Lisa Brandel Website: Art Ambush Project Not by standard measures,… Read More
Ouroboros by Lisa Brandel

Ouroboros~ by Lisa Brandel

Mired soul, immovable in body and mind. The constrictors coils flexed a back broken Unhinged jaws swallowed your willing spirit. With your permission, digested Became… Read More