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Why we are here.

Those who will find their way here to read this, may have at some point felt the pull of expression in the arts. They also may wonder if they are up to the challenge, or if the result of that effort can ever be anything more than a pretty diversion.

A decoration.

This same set of people may wonder why we believe there is anything to be gained by providing a site that relies only on donations and small commissions, where anyone who feels this pull can try their hand at something that –for the most part– evades description …and why we absolutely think we should do so.

In baseball there is the phrase that a batter uses to describe the place on the bat that, in any given appearance at the plate, can turn the ball into a guided missile that will soar with complete control to a specified place on the field. It is called “the sweet spot”. It changes each time they come up to the plate. They can’t predict it, find it only rarely, but when they do, all forces align to create “that moment.”

Musicians know it when they rehearse or jam, and they hit “that passage.” A writer or poet knows it when in the middle of grasping at a description they turn “that phrase.” They’ve poured immense energy and many, many hours of effort into uncovering the kind of magic that winks at you briefly, then goes back into hiding.

When an artist uncovers that glimpse, they don’t have to grab you by the shirt and point furiously at it. What is revealed may be only a fleck of the mystery –something that can’t be preserved, held or locked in any single description– but in that moment, you know you have been privileged to share it with them.

They. Show. You.

We work hard as artists, but often feel we struggle to do more than create wallpaper in words, music, or paint. It takes constant effort and the results are rare. An artist will work many hours just to share (with luck) one or two solitary moments when this great, indescribable mystery is hinted at. We try. The rest of the time, we decorate.

But oh, those moments.

They are absolutely worth dedicating a piece of your life to.

They are absolutely worth creating a space where anyone who believes in this kind of magic can step up to the plate and try to hit one out of the park.

Welcome to BlogNostics. Find your sweet spot. Show. Us. You.


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