Sestina: God / Hubris by Brianna Simmons


Before God I believe there was hubris.

There is no evidence to disprove fleeting
human thoughts of destruction, dread
running down the clock until the final pitch
sent the universe reeling backward,
the blackness of space yawning with gluttony.

Humans might be the universe’s biggest gluttons
puffing their scrawny chests with hubris
they never fail to move themselves backward
in history making their successes fleeting
like birds pitched
to implode against the glass window. Dread.

I feel dread
as my stomach gurgles, protesting gluttony
that implodes like a little brat’s pitch
through Mom’s kitchen window. Hubris.
The brat’s fantasy of the major leagues fleeting,
sending his scrawny ass backward.

Perhaps time went backward
from the darkness before God’s dreadful
birth, he probably finds human history fleeting,
eating us up era after era, The Glutton.
Yes, I’m sure hubris
existed before God, he’d only pitched

The Universe’s original pitch
of peace and sent all of us backward,
sniveling little creatures made in his image of hubris
bellies churning something dreadful
fully running on empty, hollow gluttons
with lives so fleeting

that we’re barely here, fleets
of warriors pitched
to be gunned down by gluttonous
blood-hungry fiends, sending us backward
to taste dread
on our tongues like blood, the iron taste of hubris.

Yes, we’re simply fragile, fleeting things to fling backward.
I never took God for a pitcher, grinding his cleat something dreadful,
the tobacco glutton. Yes, the first thing He stole: hubris.

©2020 Brianna Simmons


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Bio: Brianna Simmons is a graduate of the Susquehanna University Creative Writing program. She writes both poetry and short fiction, using elements of both to create hybridity in her work. She roams museum exhibits like an anthropological cryptid. Searching for inspiration in every corner, cranny, and cranium, she writes about humans through the lens of curiosity.


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