Dublin Rain by Declan Geraghty

The aul Dublin rain

it batters me soul
and indoors in pubs
it gets battered again
battered with rain ye pay for
battering me soul along with ballads in the background
battered by music I don’t like but music I’m supposed to like
beaten down by ways of thinking
such silly ways
they have it all sewn up
all sewn up in the bliss of ignorance
and they try and forget they are alive while they batter their souls with booze
escaping living while giving tips on how to live
and as the storm brews inside of me with anger about things that don’t even matter any more
and as that storm gets stronger
the rain outside
the Dublin rain
is heavy then hazy
and heavy then hazy again
dripping inside and out
some buckets are empty and some are overflowing
then I tell her I love her and me aul soul gets battered again.


©2020 Declan Geraghty


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Declan Geraghty is a writer, poet and spoken word performer. He’s had poetry and flash fiction published in “Dublin in the coming times” and “The flying super hero clothes horse “, “Mustang Bally” and the poetry collection “2020 Visions”. He is currently working on a flash fiction collection entitled “The Bowsie” which will be published later this year.


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