Slush Pile Poems by Mary Bone




Slush Pile

My trash can is full of wadded up paper.
Ink dried and died, to be carted off
to get recycled.
The clock and my heart are making
erratic ticking sounds.
Coffee helps me to stay awake,
as I eat some piled up doughnuts.
I’m working against the clock
to meet a deadline.


Deep Sixed

My work is deep sixed and not eulogized.
My writing got tossed in the bin.
Stories can be found in the water’s depth
Or a grave on land.
Some of it could be possibly
be found in file nine.



I knew it was going to be
a long, cold winter.
I let my leg hair grow
since I wanted to be warmer.
The hair got thick under my armpits.
A winter storm was brewing.
I had to have everything
covered to survive, as I hibernated.


©2020 Mary Bone


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Mary Bone has recently been published in BlogNostics, Visual Verse, Literary Yard, The Literary Librarian, The OPA Anthology of Poetry 2020 in” Striving for Survival” and other places.


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