Entrance into the Garden of Eden An Exit Oft Repeated in Four Acts by Sy Roth

Act 1—Somnolence

Smells of winter tickle a warm sun.
Crisp air,
Red, brown and yellow leaves,
Thrust the trees aside for their impending sleep.

They all come to the dance brushed
Content to revel in the gift of a cool early morning,
The commuter moms wave queenly to their spouses
The kindergartners snuggle at their mothers’ thighs
The yellow buses creep along the streets like multi-legged caterpillars.

They all bend their knees
With uplifted arms
They stretch in a free-day yoga plie.

The balance of warm sun and falling leaves,
Comforts them into a somnolent sleep
Cats resting on windowsills dreaming of nothing
But belly rubs when they awake
And the mothers remind themselves of the need for toothpaste at the local CVS,
While they ignore morning headlines that shout of a fiscal-cliff fall.

Act II—The Awakening Asp

Miles away a mother dies in bed alone.
Her dreams lay in bloody splatters on her morning pillow,
The house bellows silence afterwards.

Task one, a bloody heap of compensation for their silence.
He prepares to meet the crisp morning also,
To grab the low-lying fruit which hangs lusciously ripe in his mind,
Green fruit of the loin
Slathering beast of his senses
Giving way to knowledge.

The asp in his frozen garden sibilates silent messages
He happily complies,
Runs his tongue over his sandpaper rough teeth,
A fava-bean violence rests in the venomous one
Spits his triumph at the world.

Acts III—The crossroads meet

Garden of wishful dreams meets at 9:30 a.m.
Sounds of enthusiasm settle in in the lush green garden.

The air like a popped balloon
Is eaten by gunshots and screams.

A boy reacts in fear, in Room 303, and
She comforts him
Shoos the ghost from the room,
but it is insistent.

She hugs the boy closer,
Trigger pulled,
She brings him closer,
Conjoined twins in their new hell.

Act IV—Finality

He leaves for other gardens,
Remain in a loving embrace
All dreams flop flaccid to the floor.


©2020 Sy Roth


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Sy Roth is a retired school administrator and has finally found the sounds of silence and the time to think whole thoughts. This has led him to find words and the ability to shape them. He has published in Visceral Uterus, Amulet, BlogNostics, Every Day Poets, Barefoot Review, Haggard and Halloo, Misfits Miscellany, Mad Swirl, Larks Fiction Magazine, Danse Macabre, Bitchin’ Kitch, Bong is Bard, Humber Pie, Poetry Super Highway, Penwood Review, Masque Publications, Foliate Oak, Miller’s Pond Poetry and The Eloquent Atheist.

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