Sestina: A Crock Full Of Love by Aruna Gurumurthy



I began stewing tomato soup from scratch,
bubbling with enthusiasm, my daughter loves
the taste of it. Now, she is a picky eater,
so, coming from her it is a blessing.
Just onions, ginger, garlic, vegetable
stock, finely diced tomatoes, and parsley. Wanna join?

This culinary celebration has begun, with our hearts and spirits, so let’s join.
We will make more dishes, more love, all from scratch.
And we will make kabobs with skewers and marinated vegetables
and feed the poor in Africa and create loving
memories. Oh, what a crazy dream; a reverie, a blessing
for earth’s children, the kingdom of crawling critters, and plant eaters.

And then we will play “Who is my favorite eater?”
The mashed tomatoes will talk as the broth boils and the parsley join
in, this ephemeral ecstasy, this moment will evanesce into a blessing.
Suddenly, with my nails, the corner of my head scratches
birthing an idea, stirring the crock full of love.
Amalgamations are in the air; The soup is condensing the vegetables.

May I ask, “what is your favorite vegetable?”
You mean my favorite dancing vegetable, oh mighty eater?
Let’s lock the crock full of love
in our hearts, shall we be part of this jamboree, shall we join?
Let us again gather the tomatoes and onions, let’s start from scratch
In disguise, it is a blessing…

Oh really? A birthing, a blessing
in disguise? With delicately mingling ingredients, the vegetables,
some herbs and a crock full of love, from scratch
is born a tomato’s journey served hot in a crock pot. We eat
the soup in a steaming ascend, let’s join
hands and give high fives in this joyous land of lakes and love.

Oh, what benevolence, I feel doused with love.
This is truly a fancy turned into a blessing.
Let’s all join hands and in each other’s hands, we join.
This symphony, this synchrony of vegetables
We eat in merry glory, we eat
in the name of love, and camaraderie, we stir the wet ensemble from scratch

A crock full of love, with herbs galore and the brimming vegetables
This life is a blessing, O’ Shangri La, this stirring beauty we revere and eat.
Come, let us be together, let us join in this divine marriage, let us start from scratch.

©2020 Aruna Gurumurthy


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Aruna Gurumurthy is an author and observer of human nature. Since her childhood in Mumbai, India, she has embarked on a journey of creative exploration and, within her short prose poems, tries to capture the beauty and art in the world. From wisdom and discovery to development in “Diya”, to perceptions and change in “Buddha in The Brain”, and celebration of love and motherhood in “Puppet Dolls”, Aruna writes on a variety of themes and empowers people from all walks of life. An author of seven books of poetry since 2015, Aruna’s body of work also appears in the regional anthologies Heron Clan V (2018) & VI (2019) and the literary journals FewerThan500 and What it is to Be A Woman, reflecting an insightful journey of struggles and jubilations on the path to peace. She lives with her loving family in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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