Summer Poems by Mary Bone



The Vessel

The vessel remained empty-
waiting to be filled
with promises of cold liquids,
to sweat on the outside.
The ice cubes were freezing.
Time filled the void and the container.



Summer Colors

Eyelet fabric,
Trimmed in lace.
Summer colors
Define her face.


Summer Veggies

Summer veggies,
Ripe on the vine.
I put on my bib,
For a lunch so devine.
Summer veggies,
Placed on a grill.
The tomatoes are tasty,
As I eat my fill.

©2020 Mary Bone


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Mary Bone has recently been published in BlogNostics, Visual Verse, Literary Yard, The Literary Librarian, The OPA Anthology of Poetry 2020 in” Striving for Survival” and other places.


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