Heartbreak by Lisa Tomey



When I was 44
the possibility of birth
blindsided me
all these years
I tried with no success
thinking it was a no
there you came
and I welcomed you
all of age I worried
knowing I needed
to keep you alive
self-love became essential
for baby love of you
and care I did
no caffeine
no shellfish
and lots of fruit
all I wanted was fruit
and you
when the technician
called you a speck
I was heart hurt
you were not a speck
you are a soul
and now
your soul waits for me
and I held you in my hand
so, I know
you are not a speck

©2020 Lisa Tomey


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Lisa Tomey has been writing poetry since childhood. She believes in life-long learning and tender, loving care of one’s work. She published her chapbook, Heart Sounds in 2018, and has been in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine, winning their competition, anthologies, and other publications. Lisa works with poets as an editor. Read her stories and poems online: https://prolificpulse.blog/


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