In the alley behind coral reef by Manasi Diwakar


Mango pip, Mia says

but it’s not the right season
            my red Cabomba
            frosted just last week
            Is it a potato?
terrestrials, big brains, no tails—
those ones
are high on cross-breeding
             No, I know this-
it’s a cross, 
a potato and a stone-the purple one 
            I could lick n tell-
sorry, the nose is blocked again,
            spent the last night
            at Adam’s ale,
            got three cold pints
            for two shells,
            happy hours, baby,
            though the fish was stale

              ‘n morning today
the mantle ran dry,
geyser stopped working,
            ain’t getting it fixed
            the magma thing is costing a fin
            recession hit the west chuck last month

            So, what do you say, crabsticks?
Should I take a bite?
but then Mia is home
she tells, its bad manners
            the woman is a prig
            she spent four minutes
            on a yacht,
            held her breath for two,
but the boy was nice
dropped her right back,
kept Ken with him though
now, Ken is crackers

              Oh, Crab!
Stop, don’t eat it!
if Mia finds out
you are apple

              What’s wrong?
You are swelling, ninny
is it anaphylaxis?
did you eat the fish too

            I get it! I get it!
it’s that thing again
spit it out, old fart!
do it,
just this once,
get the right hole,

Ah, well, you did it-
you pooped nurdles!

©2020 Manasi Diwakar


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