Peu Verset by Mary Bone

Peu Verset Collection by Mary Bone ©2020

Peu Verset by Dave Seth Smith

Dying to Self

When you die to yourself
You let the palms
Rest upward
To heaven.
After giving your best,
The scraps are left.
The vultures are still feeding.

Bless This Child

Bless this child
With nightmarish screams
Awakening the household.
Bless this child,
Whom God adores.
Bless this child
As he snores.

Road to Nowhere

Blazing new trails
On the road to nowhere.
It was a journey through time.
There were new vistas
off the beaten path.
The scenery was fantastic.
I was soaking up the sun,
Thirsting for adventure.


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Mary Bone has had two books of poetry published. She enjoys drawing and painting in her spare time. Some of her poems have appeared in Visual Verse, The Oklahoma Today Magazine, The Literary Librarian, The Bezine and other places.


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