A poem is staring at me by Manasi Diwakar



No, there is no story,              only a lithe poem

It is swinging,             at the fringes of my memory
in a yellow sundress, with white flowers?
Not flowers,     arty leaves,
but it keeps fading

                         where are my glasses? I can’t think


I see it now. I see the silhouette
waggling its long legs,             humming a tune
eyes are closed,           fingers are tapping 
at our song, probably,             I can’t hear clear
                         drop the music, please,

                         it’s splitting my poem head


I hear it now, has a voice that grows on you
            – my nana’s antique female figurines
             which keep staring at you, from the mantle—
                         you have to acknowledge them,                        again, and again,

                         or they drive you mad                            as a box of frogs


let me listen,      the poem is saying something
Ah! it wants rain,            the rainbow kind
says     it needs inspiration
            it is about romance today,
            romantic poems are rebels—

            they get willies               from hail


I will tell you,              an anxious poem like that,
it scares me,
I am known to read it wrong,
            it slowly becomes so abstract

            my English      loses its confidence     trying to decipher the parallels


I can force my mind to picture rain
I have bottomless imagination
            the other day,    I drew a cat with talons
                         then again,      looking at this poem,
                         my creativity is taking a soaring            flight,

                         with no return ticket


so I will leave the poem be,
let it swing,     ramble,           stare
            while I drink this extra-non-hot coffee,
            take a quick walk,       feed the birds,
maybe,             when I come back to it,

my poem will have found itself,             a cuckoo story.


©2020 Manasi Diwakar


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“I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. I spent the last twelve years working as a Technical Lead until I gave in to my true calling- writing romance novels, poems, and short fiction. You can find a few at http://myintuitivemind.blogspot.com/. I also write at https://medium.com/@manasi.diwakar. At present, I am working as a Volunteer Editor for a literary journal- Wingless Dreamer.”


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