What is a book? by Manasi Diwakar


What is a book?

a book is a chair-
a Litter of unknown burdens,
sighing hopes
           a Caquetoire absorbing warm layers of
           rippling chinwag
a handsome picaro’s pashm Throne,
high-backing anger, ego, and a raging libido
           a Chaise positing a cat-licking banshee,
           chased by pixie-dust, cotton nerves,
           sanctifying words- alien but dear
a book is a coat-
a Justacorp for a traveler
to the east-
time on a chain
           a Frock-coat for the flower
           of a flame-
           that shines for a garden
a Cloak of secrecy-
cold / warm, who knows?
           a Cape for her-
           as she strings moments by clothespins
           between lines of a lullaby

a book is an experience-
a fireside of gelid stones,       
dry Charlie’s tango whiskey,
           Bells bawling
           the silence of pyres,
warm sunlight
from rainbow dreams of a baby,
           a cathartic release
           for pent up emotions
tired time
loyally keeping company

a book is of words
           filling the blanks of unknown places
inside you, around you, for you
but mostly, away from you       

©2020 Manasi Diwakar


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“I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. I spent the last twelve years working as a Technical Lead until I gave in to my true calling- writing romance novels, poems, and short fiction. You can find a few at http://myintuitivemind.blogspot.com/. I also write at https://medium.com/@manasi.diwakar. At present, I am working as a Volunteer Editor for a literary journal- Wingless Dreamer.”


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