The history of a five million painting by Manasi Diwakar


She was a free spirit
my firstborn
with a mind
that was always lost
in the makings of her heart

her first steps were tiny
but determined
towards the butterfly
that hid behind the door,
every Thursday night

her first words were
for the dog
that sat on the mat
of a dusty floor
just inside our barn
-she was wise

her clear blue eyes
never searched
for skeletons of loyalty
in the two-legged-beings
with two-bit hearts

her flaxen curls,
laughed at the cows
who scrubbed the floors
after every hurricane
-the dust going nowhere

when they took her away,
she turned
towards the old bat
with a smile
in her gait
it carried her image
to the grey tenements
under a pile of drums

the yellow lincrusta
laminated the memory
for forty years
until it lined
the walls of the hall
of a mayor’s house,
who knew nothing
of the bean
he had sowed
in the boggy grounds
of a pretend cat house


©2020 Manasi Diwakar


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“I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. I spent the last twelve years working as a Technical Lead until I gave in to my true calling- writing romance novels, poems, and short fiction. You can find a few at I also write at At present, I am working as a Volunteer Editor for a literary journal- Wingless Dreamer.”


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