Preoccupations by Eryn Tan


The myriad of tasks yet to be done
fill my mind and demand my time
and form a mountain I can’t overcome.

Deaf to songbirds and blind to the sun,
such frivolous pleasures must wait behind
the myriad of tasks yet to be done.

In frantic panic, I scramble and run
and rush to complete, only to find
that all my efforts are overcome.

Pitiful wretch, I long to be saved from
this craze and reclaim my soundness of mind—
but these taxing tasks will never be done.

My heavy hands strike tasks out one by one,
and time rushes on, and I’m left behind.
Dread rushes in. I’ll soon be overcome.
Soulless flesh, I hope for death to come
and lift me from this dirt and grime.
With the myriad of tasks to be done,
perhaps it’s better to be overcome.

©2020 Eryn Tan


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Eryn Tan isa Chinese Malaysian currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing in Seattle.


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