Hang on, I don’t see it- by Manasi Diwakar



            silly,                                       look closely,
there is a bit of romance                    in all the little known places-

             it may not be                         in the full moon
shining pompously                            in the wake of its halo-
mutely chaperoning                           clandestine meetings,
taking away the mystery                    of a warm night

             but it may be                         in the white crescent
that breaks into a soft smile               amid a sprinkle of stars
while the nonpareil sun                      is too busy
casting a dark shadow

            perhaps it is not                      in a long-stemmed red rose
pinned to a small / pink note,             neatly pinned
to a sparkling bijou-
it doesn’t take away                            my scars,         your guilt

            but it could be                         in a crusty pot
of honeyed salve                                 with no white lilies
from a two-bit yard                             of a banished philosopher-
dark memories                                    ebbing away
in the strained light                             of a faraway streetlamp

           it might not be                          in the frozen raindrops,
pounding at a ferocity                         of a madwoman
at the shattered terrace doors              of my withered home-
brimming with anxiety                        and too much of everything

            but perhaps it is                       in the flower that blushes
under the falling drops                        from the nimbus cotton clouds,
guided by the wind from the Atlantic-
the ocean,                                            silently courting
a shy blossom                                      from a distance

            look closely,                             silly,
there is a bit of romance                      in all the little known places

©2020 Manasi Diwakar


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“I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology. I spent the last twelve years working as a Technical Lead until I gave in to my true calling- writing romance novels, poems, and short fiction. You can find a few at http://myintuitivemind.blogspot.com/. I also write at https://medium.com/@manasi.diwakar. At present, I am working as a Volunteer Editor for a literary journal- Wingless Dreamer.”


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