Apothegm by KJ Hannah Greenberg


The clash of the thermostat began a war (battles
Occur when male ignorance of womanly physics
Presents customs otherwise challenged, banned.)
Like numerous feral cats, ignorance finds homes.

See, despite his promise of monadic love, fears
Pushed aside all claims of reciprocated feelings,
Replacing them with data dearths about beluga
Whales, narwhals’ menopause metamorphoses.

That wee geochemist paid realtor’s charges for
Phasmophobic clients since he’d recoup many
Commissions on guys unable to stop, drop, roll,
Or to otherwise deflect disquiet born from panic.

Assuredly, divorce, hair dye, death from cancer,
Similar taboos, plus kindred social deviances of
Conjugal or common-laws partners, continually
Cull computer stalkers, abandon alimony hopes.

©2020 KJ Hannah Greenberg

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KJ Hannah Greenberg captures the world in words and images. Her latest photography portfolio is 20/20: KJ Hannah Greenberg Eye on Israel. Her newest poetry collection is Rudiments (Seashell Books, 2020). Her most recent fiction collection is Walnut Street (Bards & Sages Publishing, 2019).

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