Not quite 2am by Michael Zone



I dreamed, I was dreaming again
the man in the window waved at me
the cat jumped in my lap
we shared a bowl of cereal
following nocturnal peppermint mists
she doesn’t make me feel dead like the rest
wandering through minefield catacombs
throwing away trivial childhood treasures
where haunted memories can no longer grasp
but only rage in the horror
a loss of control
it’s like I woke up
started to live again
for the first time

©2020 Michael Zone


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Mike Zone resides beyond the pines…the author of Void Beneath the Skin and A Farewell to Big Ideas, a frequent contributor to Alien Buddha Press and Mad Swirl, his work has been featured in: Horror Sleaze Trash,  Cajun Mutt Press,Outlaw Poetry, Piker Press, Synchronized Chaos, The Whiskey Rye Review and Cult Culture magazine. 

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