Simple Poems by Michael T. Smith



If simple poems with cheap old rhymes
Were never even worth your time
Then skip this stone on broken pond
Jumping on like Vinsauf’s bond.

Turn up your nose on any line
That may have been cut too fine.
Feel along with nimble fingers
For a thread that seems to linger.

Since some far day, these old clichés
Will just seem like everyday
But in this breath – a jumbled mess –
Lie vows in clothes of Sunday’s best.

And little ditties of “I love you’s”
Singing through some two-bar blues
Will never win a laureate
But be my thoughts true chariot

Perhaps pastoral, a little chorale
I whistle in a country moral,
And words in mud will clop along –
Since my Adam’s apple gallops wrong.

If fireflies could light the scene
Like Mardi Gras in New Orleans
And crickets hop as footmen true,
Maybe my worry’d bid adieu

But since it can’t, and this is me
Speaking a tongue so el’quently
Perhaps these words be what they mean
And simplic’ty be true love’s sheen.

Take each word, each simple breath
Plumb the heart unto its depth
And what you find, I promise you
Are all the things, I give to you.

©2020 Michael T. Smith


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Michael T. Smith is an Assistant Professor of English who teaches both writing and film courses. He has published over 150 pieces (poetry and prose) in over 80 different journals. He loves to travel.


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