Ghosts of Verdun by Andrew Scott

The slaughter was everywhere,
grown warriors not moving.
Life and peaceful death, taken away.

The Ghosts of Verdun has been
building and screaming
since the mud rains of Spring.

Can hear the enemy marching,
boots echoing on roads
of skeletons of ours and their own.
Men that make up the mist
and fog surrounding us now.
The Ghosts of Verdun.

Seasons have changed
as the men have defended this land.
The blood in the soil
is the same colour
when from allies or enemies.
The screams are unified.
The Ghosts of Verdun.

Loved ones at home,
waiting for word of
loved ones still alive.
Staring into the night sky
knowing the real truth.
The stars are whispering
the voices of the Ghosts of Verdun.

January 27, 2019
© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2019


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Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of a classrooms, judge poetry competitions as well as be published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones. His books, Snake With A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen, The Path, The Storm Is Coming and Through My Eyes  are available now.  Searching is his fifth poetry collection.

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