Time lapse by Judekelvin Igbonekwu

Author’s note:

The line “clear as the invincible pgqs”
Pgqs – (pageant queens) this is visible in the subsequent sentence that follows
“The décor of pageant queens” So, we do see beauty queens (pageant queens) be the model for beauty

If we look back- (not discriminating) in any sense, it is not the blush faces of a pageant queen that shows how beauty is defined. If we go back in time, which is what the poem “Time lapse” look to inspire, beauty is so many things, the stretch in the bodies. The tribal marks on our face, (in Africa)The carvings or dots in the different parts of the body The pigmented colouration- vitiligo, etcetera. All this is the representation of beauty The poem is to inspire the time lapsed from history’s mind.

February 2020 —Judekelvin Igbonekwu


Time Lapse

Some events have a place in history
How easy we have forgotten, to tell a tale of it –
The sweet lapse of time

I wonder why [Abiku] ran from the earth
The troubling child as the Yoruba’s call her –
[Ogbanje] the child with the returning mark [Ikemefuna]

From igbo – she grew tired/was it religion
That has chased her, that sweet passage of time
Filled with hunts and thrills

I must confess life is a mass of luggage these days
No thrills, no truth, no happiness, just a restless
Hover of a ball

The world has defined beauty to be plain and
Clear as the invincible pgq’s
Who sees the decor of pageant queens and say it is beauty.
I remember the days of tribal marks, powerful as a map
That speaks truth – tribal truth of where a maiden comes from,
But today has taken it all away

African women are white british and american’s today
Time has forgotten to stay.
And european, american women are clothed together
To give us what time has not, knowledge to fathom
O, they want to take us to the beautiful time past
Of adam and eve

Maybe I respect them for their guts,
But I did not say go naked,
Time has taught us to cover our nakedness
And this is the events
That we have so easily forgotten
The sweet lapse of time

I want to speak more for my old poets
To breeze through the time lapsed
When events so powerful trigger them to write,
But I have limited time,
Today’s time makes it easier for me to go to bed
And care less of the old times forgone

©2020 Judekelvin Igbonekwu


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Judekelvin Igbonekwu hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu State, and currently resides in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. As an emerging writer, he hopes to change the landscape of African literature. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Blognostic, the Writtentales Journal, and on Medium where his work “A beautiful Mind” a lecture on how to read and understand poetry, can be found. He is currently working on his first novel


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