The Journeyman by Andrew Scott

Part I – The Journey

I sit here, looking out,
taking in the new quiet,
tranquility long searched for.

I am, like everyone else walking,
considered a journeyman.
When you look at me from afar
a person may not seee it
but the pathway taken to here
had brought a hybrid
of emotions and experiences.

Traveling from place to place,
searching for something
that may or may not be found.
All without though or direction.

People are all walking this journey
trying to find their way
and have that feeling of lost
as I have been.

This path is a lonely walk
eventhough a lot of people
have criss-crossed into my life.
Familiar faces in unfamiliar places.

An unspoken bond between all of us
as we try to grip the trials
and emotions in our journey.

Reflecting on what got me here.
Taking this path of the Journeyman.

Part II – Demons

Battled so many demons
on the way to this little mountain top.
Some of them crept up and
some of them punched me in the mind.
There was no age limit
as my demons surfaced young
would scream in anger
at what seems to be small now.
Punching without being provoked
was my normal back then.

Denying the one demon
allows others to join
and add to my madness.

The discovery of the liquid demon
and the sweet taste
only added to the rage
and unprovoked hostility.

Loved ones took the wrath
each and every time.
Was told to leave a relationship
when the demons surfaced.
Cannot blame anyone
that opened the door for me to leave.

Facing those demons was hard.
Having to admit I had an enemy
and that person was me.

To be able to walk this journey
without liquid rage blinding
the memories being created.
I had to admit they were there.

Everyday I still fight them
by knowing they will
always be within me.
This Journeyman’s serenity
has to accept that.

Part III – Wolf

Not sure if it came to me
in a passed out dream
however this path taken
had to be taken
with independence and freedom.

I have always been a bit independent.
It was like I knew
this journey that I had to take
would be walked alone.
At times to my own detriment.

Some folks may call me
a bit of a pure loner.
There is a lot of truth to that
however if I was needed
I was there.
Arriving out of nowhere
and leaving the same way.

There is a bit of freedom
that goes along with it.
If I did not feel comfortable
at a place where I was,
I would get up and leave.

When on a path
a person should only answer
to the face in the mirror
even if it is cracked.

Believing in self is strength.
A lot of people I have met
have called it an ego.
I am good with that.
Can see why it is taken
the way it is.

Believe it is because I am guarded,
Not a lot was ever known about me
until I thought my experiences
would help another person.

On this journey
that is the way it is to be.

Part IV – Owl

I hear the hoots of an owl
in the place I feel the most
in tune with myself,
the calming woods.

The sounds give great
remembrance in my mind
of the great people
that took the time
to unselfishly give guidance
with only good intention.

It is funny only because
I did not listen every time.
You can call it being stubborn
or just being ignorant
to the folks that knew better
due to their earned experience.

There was always a moment
when I realize that they
were trying to help.
Usually after the damage
was self-inflicted and complete.

I kind of blame the not listening
on the mentors
that did not have my best interest.
It truly clouds people voices.

As I hear the wind
there is a smile,
a true appreciation
and a tip of the cap
that now goes to these true voices.

Part V – Rainstorms

There is something soothing
about hearing a pure rain storm.
While staring at a down pour
all I do is think.

There is a certain amount
of sadness that can creep in
while being lost in thought.

Certain things in life
become a picture in my mind.
When I see them
I wish I could go back
and change the approach
to how I reacted to life
but I cannot change that now.

Days like this help me think
about how to handle situations
and people in the future
because the past cannot be changed.
It is what got me here.

The dirt and destruction
that I laid before me
gets washed away from my sin
so I can be clear on where
this journey may lead next
even if it is nowhere.

Part VI – Crescent

When the moons glow bright
I have learned to pay attention.
It usually means a new path
is coming my way
whether good or bad.

I used to be so afraid
of new beginnings
that were laid before me.
Self-sabotage all good paths.

One little goal or dream came true
and that changed everything.
A whole new train of thought
came into play them.

All the sudden
there was a list of goals and dreams
once realized I would sometimes share
or keep them to myself.
Either way the next challenge
is always bigger.

In looking back
the fear was nothing
but myself holding back.
The fulfillment is so great now.
It shines brighter
than a clear night moon.

Part VII – Arrows

At the end of the day
this journeyman has no idea
where paths will lead
or how bumpy or smooth
the terrain will be.

List most of us,
when the road divide
and the arrows point
in one direction or another
I wish I picked the easiest
and did not get lost
but I do most times.

It is the unpredictability
that keeps me traveling.
Love the new finds along the way.

This journeyman does love
where it has all lead so far.
Sometimes I do wish there were arrows
that would point properly
but good or bad
that is all apart of living.

October 16, 2019
© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2019


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Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB. During his time as an active poet, Andrew Scott has taken the time to speak in front of a classrooms, judge poetry competitions as well as be published worldwide in such publications as The Art of Being Human, Battered Shadows and The Broken Ones. His books, Snake With A Flower, The Phoenix Has Risen, The Path, The Storm Is Coming and Through My Eyes  are available now.  Searching is his fifth poetry collection.


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