Eulogy: Meaning of Death to a Man by Judekelvin Igbonekwu


There is even superiority in death
For a man to show authority
My father refuses to die after his wife.
He says it will make him less of a man
I wonder if death knows gender superiority,
So think again father
Death does not know age or a man or woman
We want to cuddle him to the grave to choose rest,
 He refuses – there is no point being there if there is no authority in death.
Old age is not a man’s best choice for life,
My father’s flesh is now stretched-white,
Like new sheet provided from industry
His eyes are dim as the red blood eclipse,
His mind is numb in choice,
He knows not if to accept death and live with the name, shame!
And called inferior in death or keep on living and die living.
His days are now a flood of senility,
He sleeps and wakes and sleeps solemn in death.
 He loves his wife to die after her, the reason he resents death
But death is not a respecter of a man,
Death does not know gender, so
Rest father

©2019 Judekelvin Igbonekwu


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Judekelvin Igbonekwu hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu State, and currently resides in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. As an emerging writer, Judekelvin hopes to help change the landscape of African literature. His works have been submitted in Rattle Magazine and also listed in written tales magazine. He is currently working on a first novel titled” My Uncle’s Wife” that will be released at the end of 2019.


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