A Beautiful Mix by Derek Nast


Its 04 and I’m still on the break!
beats roll over and my soul to take.

Ninety- nine parties and one rave to go,
another DJ on deck giving 100% show.

Electrify by the system of sound.
Drinks are on me, bartender one more round.

Bad Boy Bills remix is a Bittersweet Symphony.
The music, the rolls all of it lifting me.

Up somewhere I can’t even dream.
This is the life of a neon scene.

Believe there’s a party going on somewhere.
Hearing that Sandra Collins a beautiful sound and look to bare.

Vinyl on the rise and it’s only 2 a.m.
Straight on to five, I’m a pop & lock pagan.

So spin up a mix with bass so sick,
I’m in it for life beats a heart to fit with!


©2019 Derek Nast


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Originally a native of the Midwest, at 35 Derek has resided in Colorado these past twenty years. A purple mountains majesty has long since been his home. As a free writer Derek views practice as a constant, as well as trial & error. Currently he is in the process of completing a manuscript and collection of short stories.


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