Ishmael Needs a Girlfriend by Mark Antony Rossi


I’ve never been fond of the ocean
And I curse romantic writers
Who never had the balls to admit
They were antisocial asshats
there’s nothing magical
About trillions of gallons of salt water
Filled with monsters and death.
Legless lunatics tell no fairy tales.
Listen to their voice
before losers named Ishmael
Convince you
The salty waves have wisdom.

©2019 Mark Antony Rossi


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Mark Antony Rossi’s poetry, criticism, fiction, creative nonfiction and photography have appeared in The Antigonish Review, Anak Sastra, Bareback Magazine, Black Heart Review, Brain of Forgetting, Deep Water Literary Journal, Dirty Chai, Enclave, Expound, Farther Stars Than, Flash Fiction, Gravel, Indian Periodical,  Japanophile, Journal of Microliterature,  Kulchur Creative Journal, Mad Swirl, On The Rusk, Purple Patch, Scrivener Creative Review, Sentiment Literary Journal, Snapdragon, Syzygy Poetry Journal, The Sacrificial, Toad Suck Review, Transnational, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Wild Quarterly and Yellow Chair Review. He is the Editor in Chief, Ariel Chart


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