John Cheever's Eyes by Michael Griffith


Eyes wild, looking far afield, afraid.
Eyes clear, eyes adrift, eyes of shadow.
Countless words written, a thousand tales told.

Lies, lies, stories and fables,
myths and lyric, all worth quoting.
But the one, this one, this elusive truth…


Found again in some
half-recalled dream, some
stranger’s face, some
smoky room, or at
the bottom of some glass,
five drinks in?


Your eyes, cracked windows of a worn-spent soul,
they tell it all better than words can, dear writer.
Your unfaithful truth, this tale untold peeks out, 

obvious in its hiding.


©2019 Michael Griffith


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Michael A. Griffith began writing poetry after a disability-causing accident. His chapbooks Bloodline (The Blue Nib Imprint) and Exposed (Soma Publishing and Hidden Constellation Press) were released in November 2018. Mike was nominated for the Pushcart Prize for poetry in October 2018. He lives in Hillsborough, NJ and teaches at Raritan Valley Community College. He is Poetry Editor (USA & Canada) for The Blue Nib.


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