Sestina~ Leap of Faith by W. Rebecca Wood


Leap of faith (Sestina Form)

As thunder rolls through the heavens,
and dark clouds limn the horizon,
I take a leap of faith just so,
despite blooms need in my garden,
that weather will cooperate,
so that I can go a walking.

I will take myself out walking.
A leap of faith that the heavens
will hold off and cooperate
’til sunset’s on the horizon.
Then it can rain on the garden,
to nourish the seeds that were sown.

A leap of faith is ever so
important when one goes walking.
To chance upon blooming gardens,
a wondrous gift from heaven.
Fields abloom on the far horizon
show earth and sky cooperate.

Does humankind cooperate,
when differences pull apart, so
that when we see the horizon,
we fear the enemy walking?
I leap for faith that the heavens
will keep the peace in this garden.

People today are a garden
where our hope must cooperate.
with a leap of faith to heaven,
many seeds of peace might be sown.
Until then we must keep walking,
to reach our future’s horizon.

Imagine on the horizon
there is a beautiful garden.
Where each of us can go walking,
now we’ve learned to cooperate.
A leap of faith will guide us, so
that we can trust in the heavens.

I hope that you will join me, so
we all believe in horizons,
and our future from the heavens
will create the perfect garden,
where mankind will cooperate.
My leap of faith will make it so.

©2019 W. Rebecca Wood


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W. Rebecca Wood lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband Bruce. Their five adult children have moved to the coasts, so she now spends her free time traveling, volunteering at Zoo Boise, walking the greenbelt with her dogs Nemo and Marshmallow, and working on various writing projects, which include poetry and children’s books. A retired physician, she finds joy in using the “right” side of her brain.


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