A Soul for Rent by Rp Verlaine

No takers yet
as Nina sings
to Sinatra and Ella. 

She transports me
to a lighter mood
though liquor helps. 

Soon I’m drunk
enough to watch room
dance without partner. 

At least not me
akimbo to melody
Nina can’t hum.

I ask her
what she’s been doing
she says obeying the law. 

Riding cowboy between
lovers and losing streaks
while lassoing hope. 

“don’t fake me out”
she says when I make
overture regarding

She inquires
if I need anything else
I lie and say no.

Walk into the night
where ghosts find each other
yet somehow avoid me. 

©2019 Rp Verlaine


Rp Verlaine has a MFA in creative writing from City College and taught in NY schools for many years. Although he no longer teaches, he continues to write and do photography in NYC. Rp’s most recent poetry collection, Femme Fatales Movie Starlets & Rockers was released in 2018.

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