An African Mother’s Cry by Judekelvin Igbonekwu


As we do not know
something worth knowing exclaimed
what a ponderous thriller has been craved
deep inside our own heart
It was on that very eve of the nearer celebration, what about,
passively proclaimed
as we do not know we heard.

Something was lost never to be seen ever, ‘mais’
who would console that which left all to the other
side, the other side of life, to the other side of reality
that cry of huge lugubrious voice was heard from the courtyard
the cry of an African mother, the cry of childbirth
the cry of the unfinished nine months of the delivery of one lost
Indeed, death was revealed to her, to this day

©2019 Judekelvin Igbonekwu


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Judekelvin Igbonekwu hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu State, and currently resides in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. As an emerging writer, Judekelvin hopes to help change the landscape of African literature. His works have been submitted in Rattle Magazine and also for the Brunel Africa poetry prize. He is currently working on a first novel titled” My Uncle’s Wife” that will be released at the end of 2019.


One thought on “An African Mother’s Cry by Judekelvin Igbonekwu

  1. judekelvin igbonekwu

    To this day; every new day reminds of her only son’s death, cut short from the evil of our hand.
    “An African mother cry” was my first ever work, it reminds me who I have become and it has helped me tell the story of this ever-weeping mother. I wish she is living to see that the story of her son was told

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