the plan by John Sweet


saved ammunition massacred the
prisoners w/ hoes w/ machetes then
smashed the children’s skulls the babies’
skulls against tree trunks so there’d be
no witnesses no protests no one to
grow up and avenge the murders of
their parents and it was early spring and
it was the end of summer was the dead
of winter it was past tense once it was
over until it happened again and we
were outraged and we were nameless
and we were victorious

we were the holy fucking gospel spit
straight from the mouth of god


©2019 John Sweet




John Sweet, b. 1968 and still numbered among the living, sends greetings from the rural wastelands of upstate NY. He is a firm believer in writing as catharsis, and in the continuous search for an unattainable and constantly evolving absolute truth. His latest poetry collections include HEATHEN TONGUE (2018 Kendra Steiner Editions) A BASTARD CHILD IN THE KINGDOM OF NIL (2018 Analog Submission Press) and BASTARD FAITH (2017 Scars Publications). All pertinent facts about his writing are buried in his life.


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