prayer for crows, starving by John Sweet



when the sky finally opens up the
dogs have all
stopped digging for the body

have grown bored with the
idea of jesus christ and
the promise of salvation and
at the end of the day
all any of us really want is
more than what we already have

at the end of the century
the rivers were filled with corpses

watched it on tv and we
fucked on the floor and it was
enough just to make
you cum

it was one hundred eighty
dollars a week working in the
kitchen and all the food i could steal

a fridge filled with pepsi

midnight rambler
on the stereo

and when you called to tell me
that your husband knew
about us, i was with your best friend

i was laughing at the idea of
growing old or of growing up
and my father with only
five years left to live

the dogs hungry but
cautious as the dead began
to wash ashore

the flies


©2019 John Sweet




John Sweet, b. 1968 and still numbered among the living, sends greetings from the rural wastelands of upstate NY. He is a firm believer in writing as catharsis, and in the continuous search for an unattainable and constantly evolving absolute truth. His latest poetry collections include HEATHEN TONGUE (2018 Kendra Steiner Editions) A BASTARD CHILD IN THE KINGDOM OF NIL (2018 Analog Submission Press) and BASTARD FAITH (2017 Scars Publications). All pertinent facts about his writing are buried in his life.


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