Another Newsy Day by Sy Roth


Another newsy day.
The air is brisk with the flashes–
Insights, outsights
Veritable potpourri of opinions.

And the drumbeat rolls on–
Twittering nabobs
Volleyball players spiking the ball
Resting at times with ad hominem diatribes,
Filth wrapped in their truths
Both sides warring against the middle
Where there is no middle.
Wars of ideologues
Both right in their rightness
In a world where all have become
Experts without portfolio
Who have plumbed the recesses where the news hides
Behind closed doors
Without opening them
And they have predicted discussions before they happened.

They have read minds
And they have crisscrossed the major arteries
And know men’s hearts.
Have crossed the synaptic divides
And they know men’s minds
Roads to nowhere.

Another newsy palimpsest day
And we ask–
Have we learned anything?
Are the lines drawn,
Until tomorrow’s newsy day
And what they can sell us
As we watch the bouncing ball
Until our eyes tire
And our minds jellied into shapeless splotches.

©2019 Sy Roth


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