Mystery of The Unknown by Pat Ashinze

the earth is a city of realms:
realms that have been embossed
in grandiloquent moonlight tales
to make children obeisant and dream
of winds and rainbows and spirits.
even at the beginning of everything,
when light fought darkness into submission,
The Highest Himself – Lord of All
whose hands are bolts of lightening gave
the Universe music as duality traversed creation.
this is a great mystery: of who and what we are.
truth is: there are puzzles we won’t solve.
there are tales we won’t hear.
there are algorithms we can’t unravel:
the mysteries of the unknown;
the secrets of the universe:


©2018 Pat Ashinze


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Pat Ashinze is an hybrid of two major Nigerian tribes: Igbo and Yoruba. Writing, to him is the only way he can talk without being interrupted. He is fluid in his writings, revolving within the axial stream of poetry, prose and what have you. His works have appeared are forthcoming on The Pangolin Review, Penwood review, Dissident Voice, Vox Poetica, Academy of Heart and Mind, Writers Newsletter, Tuck Magazine, I am Not a Silent Poet, Communicators League, Motivating Africa amongst several others. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Medicine at The University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


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