How We Became Lost by Pat Ashinze

there are many maps to where we came from.
all are full of assumptions, impasses and
fragments of fading ancestral lights fighting
to liberate us from ignorance and amnesia.
i will not write about how Creation began.
birds will find home anywhere.
everyone can believe what he wants to.

the nature of mankind was simple.
our first needs were just food and shelter
until we wanted more and more and more
till we discovered we all were not that equal;
that – amongst us were the wise, the
beautiful, the brave, the wild, the weird, the
musical, the enlightened, the intelligent, the noble
– and – the exact opposites of everything enviable.

the story of how we became lost
stems from the weak despising the Strong
and the Strong lording it over the weak.
we never knew it would become
this bad until our histories became
tainted with war, diseases and devils.
if you need more memory jolts,
try to remember how God’s heart
was broken in Eden, when man wanted
more than what was required to live a life
of colours and oneness.



©2018 Pat Ashinze


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Pat Ashinze is an hybrid of two major Nigerian tribes: Igbo and Yoruba. Writing, to him is the only way he can talk without being interrupted. He is fluid in his writings, revolving within the axial stream of poetry, prose and what have you. His works have appeared are forthcoming on The Pangolin Review, Penwood review, Dissident Voice, Vox Poetica, Academy of Heart and Mind, Writers Newsletter, Tuck Magazine, I am Not a Silent Poet, Communicators League, Motivating Africa amongst several others. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Medicine at The University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


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