Ex Deus (the machine is broken)

Ex Deus - The machine is broken
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Ex Deus  (the machine is broken)

simulacrum and vestige
old notions
dressed to the tens with
new suits and megaphones
turn clarity into
dead language
no holy writ to arbitrate
fearful complacency
all or nothing
unfortunate choices
burning the books
shattering storefronts
the difference between how hard
to pull the cord to start it up
or the size of the wrench to throw in
to slow it down
both hands on the wheel
pulling hard one way or the other and
the ability to assess the wreck in progress
walk through it and
watch as the wheels come off
suspended in mid flight
make note that tearing metal
has its own unique smell
a mist of
hot oil burns and blinds so
look quickly
to confirm the boilerplate
that is the wording
of contracts because
buried in an addendum
–back in the place where
it left the road–
is the part that says
we make our own choices
easy to say
”The odds were against us”
when in truth
they were the only thing
that we ever were in control of
but of course
every obituary
is an opinion piece and
if you can’t lie to yourself
then who can you lie to?
like charting the sky
without ever looking up
you don’t see stars circling
but you walk with shadows
and have extended conversations with them
full of unspoken meaning
or shouted anger
these conversations always tell you
all you need to hear
while never needing to comprehend
a word of it

© David S Smith 2016/2018

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