Audacity by Megha Sood

In the veil of the night
our bodies
a silvered silhouette,
doused by the shift eyed moon
and leaning into each other for sustenance
like the vines of the jasmine
tangled around the bole of the mighty chestnut

Silence speaks to us in unborn tongues
there is melody seeping
through our souls
in this unknown darkness
the constant chirping of the crickets
as the Confederacy of the dunces

the sharp footsteps on a deserted lane
can spark fear in the safest of the minds
fear can morph
and mold in various ways
our hands are discerning
looking feverishly for that pain

the anxiety for the rejection kicking in
neatly tucked in our broken smiles
which hides in the melody

of that black songbird

the blood orange moon
looks like an aberration
in the cleavage on the night
and darkness is slowly catching us on
nearly tucked in the serrated
ends of those leaves
trees hiding the laughter amongst them


I’m confused and perplexed at this

audacity of night
which hides its own darkness
only to reveal in others.


©2018 Megha Sood


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Megha Sood lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is a contributing author at GoDogGO Cafe, Candles Online, Free Verse Revolution, Whisper and the Roar, Poets Corner and contributing editor at Ariel Chart. Her works have been featured in 521 Magazine #Sideshow, Oddball, Pangolin review, Fourth and Sycamore,KOAN ( Paragon press),Modern Literature, Visual Verse, Vita Brevis, Modern poetry, Spill words Press, Indian periodicals, Literary heist, Little Rose Magazine, The Quiet Corner, Writer’s Cafe Magazine, and coming up in Dime Show review,Piker Press, The Stray branch and many more.

Her poetry has recently been published in the anthology “We will not be silenced” by Indie Blu(e) Publishing and upcoming in three other anthologies by US, Australian and Canadian Press.

She recently won the 1st prize in NAMI NJ Dara Axelrod Mental Health Poetry contest. She blogs at


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    • David Seth Smith

      One of the most rewarding things we do here at BlogNostics is to give talented writers like yourself a larger audience and a home to showcase your work. Welcome aboard, Megha!

      —Jessica Brant, Editor
      —David S Smith, Submissions Editor

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