Another Eve by Sy Roth

So, the clock ticks
Its ormulu hands
Sweeping clean the face.

A dial awaits nexus
Suspended in the dark void of space
Where the temporary inhabitants
Hopeful, wait for change
In an unalterable universe,
Wear newfangled raiment,
Where volcanic explosions rend the night sky,
followed by quiet anticipation
when the truth lies there
beneath the surface
with their lizard eyes,
lidless watchers
bemused on their rocks
scrutinize the revelers
who whirligig in their faux amusement.

Cold, ancient lips press against one another,
gleeful amusement on a Bataan march
where the guards loom
batons at the ready.

The undaunted ones linger
until another Cannabis eve is set before them
where they assume other mantles,
reach a sense of gleeful symmetry
until the next unsettling,
a mordant ruse,
Act IV,
will take place
as the curtain rises.

Fresh revelers
of a nascent kingdom
readies to unseat,
begin a new cycle
on another malevolent eve.

©2018 Sy Roth


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