October Reunion by Peggy Turnbull

I’m with my friend
at the river in October.
Mist hangs thick,
visibly swirling
and dancing like mystery,
a gift for a broken

heart. Her broken
things accumulate. My friend
is new to the mystery
of loss. New to this still October,
when leaves are not swirling
to earth, but subtle under a thick

quilt-quiet sky. A thick
willow snags at the shoreline near a broken
fishing net. Fish leap, swirling
below unseen, like ghosts. My friend
and I first met in October,
1975. How friendship is a mystery,

decades-strong. The mystery
of her silent pain-thick
memories rough in gentle October,
the air tender to what’s broken,
entertaining my friend
with its swirling

atmospherics. Alleviate her swirling
grief. Power of mystery,
bless my friend,
pierce through thick
id-walls, touch the broken
absence within her. October,

you sacred river, October,
let your spirits free, swirling
between worlds, transforming broken
memories into mystery,
each ache a plume rising over thick
grief, flaring with love-thoughts. My friend

gasps at beauty, embraces mystery,
embraces what’s broken. Our words swirling, thick
with reunion. October, soothe my friend.

©2018 Peggy Turnbull


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Peggy Turnbull is a Wisconsin poet who lives in a city of her birth on the shore of Lake Michigan. Now retired, she earned her living by working as an academic librarian, all the while harboring secret literary longings. These finally found expression after she enrolled in a M.O.O.C. from the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program called “How Writers Write Poetry.” She joined an inspiring group of poets from around the world who mentored her into becoming a published poet in venues that include Origami Poems Project, Verse-Virtual, and New Verse News. Since then she has met many more fabulous poets, teachers, and editors who have helped make her vague dream of writing something someday into a reality. She is a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, the Wisconsin Library Association, Triggering Poetry, Modern Poetry, and The Mill: A Place for Writers.


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