Like a Silence by Sy Roth


Simple Simon had a voice
Time silenced.
It lay on the ground
Hissing against the taut earth
And the tromps of the foot soldiers
Trampling the message.

Goose-stepping hordes
Fill the air with tempestuous noise
Time-stopping ormolu clocks
In their march to the wasteland
Boxers without matches
Belts hung round inelastic waists
And school yard Kodachrome pictures
Decades old testaments to victimless crimes,
Unremembered escapades
And musical dirges to youths moving past their own graveyards.

In Corona shaking their balding heads to the beat
Of musical refrains that will soon fade into uncomfortable remembrances
Lost beneath the streets,
Echoing to the plaintive vagrants of voiceless minds
For a daily handout of viscous pap
To sing their songs
In silent vacuums
As the trains rumble beneath them
Or the buildings collapse in terpsichorean ballads
Peon to the poets
Who will be forgotten.

Remnants of the voices now heaped in vigorous platitudes
Wrapped in base words of warriors hieing to the battlements
Like a silence.

Pour the molten lead upon their heads
And encase the moment in words read on subway walls
In the hollows of a tongue to be eaten fresh
And wag no more
Among the assembled who join in disharmonic frenzy .

©2018 Sy Roth


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