Elusive by Kenzie McCurdy




I could almost draw you with my eyes closed,
trace your silhouette through empty air.
I feel the contours of your skin
in every pencil touch;
I am dazzled by your lines
with every shape I draw.

Yet tonight I sit to draw
and my creative veins are closed;
invisible lines,
lost in midnight air
and no paper that I touch
can break through my tough skin.

How thin is your skin
not to let me draw?
It evaporates at the touch
of my pencil; all is closed.
I pray to tense, charged air
to help me find your lines.

For all you have are lines;
they’re in every fleck of skin.
Yet they mingle with the air
and disappear as I draw.
How can I open this mind that is closed
and let it guide my touch?

What good is my touch
if it can’t reproduce your lines?
What good is talent disclosed
when it can’t capture your skin?
I must sit here till I draw
what I see plain in the surrounding air.

I need to take you from the air
and make you vulnerable to my touch,
so when I start to draw
and try to soften your tough lines,
I can shape your hardened skin
instead of cursing what is closed.

If you’re closed to my touch
you’ll leave me grasping through air for lines,
and I’ll find some other skin that’s easier to draw.

©2018 Kenzie McCurdy


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Kenzie McCurdy was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Her first career ambition as a child was to be a spy, however she now works as a hospital social worker with individuals who have had a brain injury. Kenzie began writing poetry in college at the age of 18. Her first poem won her $1,000 in a US poetry contest. Kenzie enjoys exploring different forms of poetry, from traditional rhyming poems to more modern unstructured pieces. Recently she’s been working on a series of tanka poems centred around the theme of noise. This may have been inspired by a certain neighbour or two! She has had poems published in various Canadian and American publications, such as Meridian Anthology, Poets’ Podium, Tanka Journal, American Tanka, and Bywords. In September one of her poems will be featured on Wordgathering Journal’s website. Kenzie now resides in Ottawa.


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