At the Café by Alessandra Salisbury

At the Café

There she was
siting alone on table two
sipping a coffee waiting for
who knows who
Lost eyes in
faraway rooms
a mind of regrets
she looks a gloom
The waiter stops
“Ready to order your meal, Miss?”
With a timid smile
she shakes a ‘no’
then sips her coffee
hinting him to go

A big family gathering
joyfully on table five
loud laughs, constant talk
politics discussion not nice
but nothing seem to distract
her sad silence intact
messy kids with oily fingers
shoot chips as bullets
in their own private war
Grandma’s grey hair
a territory of landing fries
Grandpa’s big belly
a soft cot but baby cries

A black car stops
an elegant man walks right in
He looks around
and spots her with a fling
She sips her coffee
and gawks at him
He pulls the chair
and sits slim
He seems a stranger
not friend, not lover
If once he was
now it’s all over
He brings a paper
without a cue
She grabs a pen
and signs askew
He keeps the paper
gets up and goes
She calls the waiter
and order pistachios.

© 2018 Alessandra Salisbury


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Alessandra Salisbury is a Brazilian creative writer and actress. She lives in Australia with her husband and their daughter Isabella who was the inspiration for Alessandra’s first published kids book Naughty Nana. She won third prize in 2016 Fusion Poetry Competition at Australia Southern Cross University with her poem ‘Hummus and Herbs’ about family of immigrants, and won second prize with the same poem at Wilda Morris Poetry Challenge 2017. Her works appeared on the American literary magazines, Anti-Heroin Chic, The Borfski Press, Seethingograhy, BlogNostics and OPA Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry. In Australia, her works appeared on Northerly Magazine.


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