Faith, Fate and Fear by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

Faith, Fate and Fear

a man must hold the hand of another to survive religion.
the atmosphere chases the air into the wind
just the same way men go back into wombs.
god doesn’t take lives, rather humans give their lives to god.

Jim said religion is synonymous with fear.
the last time he saw a thief being chased,
he laughed out loud, held his stomach
and shouted he is too religious to die.
he needs a hand to direct him to light. he is thirsty.

a prisoner wears a white cassock,
throws incense on other inmates
and when Jim dared to break the bars,
the prisoners said words and stones will not break their souls from faith.
the line separating fate and faith
is a lanky man in a white cassock
with incense in hand and spreading fear.

and not death nor condemnation to hellfire.

©2018 Oppong Clifford Benjamin


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Oppong Clifford Benjamin is a civil engineer by profession and award-winning poet. His poems have appeared in KWEE magazine in Liberia, the Portor Portor (an anthology which featured six contemporary poets and six established poets across the world), Brittle paper, WRR, Ghana Writes Literary Journal, the UK poetry library. In 2013, WRR poetry in Nigeria honoured Clifford as the Ghana Poet of the year. Clifford has read his poems in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Russia. He has authored a collection of short stories titled The Virgin Mother and other short stories, published by Forte Publishing house in Monrovia, Liberia.


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