Wolf Sestina by Paweł Markiewicz


I feel the paradise
I have seen it in your eyes
my good young wolf
the best under red sky in the morning
wolf-feelings come true in rainbows
or in shooting stars

angelic – the shooting stars
as If the soul brightened your paradise
I like your dreamy rainbows
a tenderness decorates eyes
the dew smells in the morning
your starlit night became the heavenly wolf

philosophical times are for the wolf
fulfillment like dreamy shooting stars
my dreams in the sky of the morning
you are the part of paradise
the golden fleece in Your wolf-eyes
has been created by the rainbows

philosophical poets under the rainbows
have charmed many hearts of the wolf
the tender soul creates reflections of the eyes
You ought to perpetuate all silver of the shooting stars
in the most marvelous paradise
with wonderful dew-fulfillment of the morning

my soul shines in a charm of the morning
You are really the tender rainbows
in a heroic of the paradise
I am adoring the crimson wolf
the heaven becomes the shooting stars
and the golden fleece became muses eyes

charm of angels in yours eyes
wings angels in the fabulous morning
I like several shooting stars
dew comes true in the rainbows
in my soul of the wolf
winged by the melancholy of the paradise

You – wolf – are the paradise
I am the starlit wolf
we love a fairy of the rainbows

©2018 Paweł Markiewicz

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