The Balloon By Sy Roth

It wanted to rise
Dance blithely along the rim of nimbus clouds
Soar above the birds scattered in the sky.
Fly overhead away from the heated ground.

He hugged it to him
Fearful of its escape
And failure of its duty.

The immense mylar beauty
In thrall of the sirocco winds
Sated with sips of helium
It hovers about the distant tree line.

Tethered to the man
It did not escape.
He kept it yoked to him
Until he was ready.

In the distance, the edge of the sky
Met a verdant forest filled with its perfume.
Fruits and vegetable trees
And long rows of corn and banana trees
Innocently wave at him.

Against the rocky outcrops
He lays in wait.
The green rocks his gray world.

When he is ready
The wind takes it playfully.
Converts the balloon into a malevolent beast,
A peon to the path set for it.

He pumps his fist at the sky.
The balloon eaten by the sun
Carries its own sun beneath it
Turning the green to ashes.

©2018 Sy Roth


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