A Date With Karma by John Patrick Robbins


Rehab was a nice idea that didn’t go over so nicely.

Frank turned his phone off cause already he could hear people calling him all spouting the same old shit .

“You know it’s going to kill you”.

“So if I stop drinking will I somehow become immortal”?

“No but”.

He would  hang up cutting the conversation short.

Susan always busted his ass over the bottle .
“If you don’t stop I will leave you”.

She always told him after a particularly good binge .
She did eventually but I believe it was more for the man who she always wanted to begin with.

Frank had met him once in that mental asylum she called a home.

He was a friend of her loony toon brother .
He stayed often with the family .
Her closet case father loved to watch him cut his grass with his shirt off .

He was a strange man indeed .

Last time he had to give up his room when Frank and Susan were visiting .

Susan’s dad always hated Frank guess cause he never would do his lawn work half naked .

But he left it to old slapnuts being he didn’t pay rent .

They spoke one time outside the house on a hot July afternoon.

“You’re older than Susan huh”?

“What gave it away, my walker asshole “?

He didn’t know how to take Frank he was a simpleton hayseed who had probably been staring directly into the sun for far to long.

His interest were basic and bland.

He did slightly look like Frank once it’s hard to believe such a handsome bastard could be so void of thought .

He didn’t talk to him much longer .

He figured from the last question he really didn’t care to answer anymore.

They were there two weeks .
One day Frank discovered old slapnuts stash of porn.

He stole a few before they headed home .

Then three years later Susan went back home to visit  and decided she wasn’t coming back .

She had fallen for the dipshit who she could finally say she was the brains of the outfit .

He stole his porn and in return he stole his wife .

Frank poured what would be the first of many, and put one of those burrowed dvds in .

It stuck about halfway to the good part then the across the screen it read unable to read disc.

Frank thought to himself and had to laugh .
For much like Susan that other chick Karma was a real bitch .


©2018 John Patrick Robbins


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John Patrick Robbins is often referred to as an outlaw poet, whose work is a glimpse into life’s darker side and often barroom based. His work has been published with Inbetween Hangover, The Red Fez, Spill The Words, Ramingos Porch, Your One Phone Call, The Outlaw Poetry Network, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Poets Community, And also read online at hello poetry. His work is always a hundred percent unfiltered.


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