~bn favorite and long-time contributor, Colin Dodds has a new collection of poetry coming out next month, “Spokes of an Uneven Wheel” and BlogNostics has been lucky enough to secure a copy for review, forthcoming concurrent with the July release. As a teaser, we include here a another look with one of the poems from the collection, “Book Court, Book Jury”


Book Court, Book Jury by Colin Dodds


The bookstore people
Want to rub their genitals on the distant reaches of history
Want to change what their genitals mean
Want to engage some less mortal aspect of the world
with the intensity of sexual obsession
and be patted in the head for it
Want to write a screenplay

Rich-kid alchemists transmute gold into silver
and poor stewards of a rare advantage
trip on the cornerstones discarded
among ticket stubs and glitter
Their book titles are uncannily true
if you just reverse them
     I’m Not Just a Person
     I Won’t Grow out of It
     The Gay Stagnation
     I Will Suck, I Will Die
     Paradise Never
     But What if I’m Right?
     How the Post Office Destroyed America
     Born for That Other Thing
Whole shelves of tittering, lazy consensus
among teachers’ pets and natural-born pornographers
Whole aisles
amounting to the indigestion of a gigantic amoeba
All of it cozy as a garrote

Maybe one shelf asks How About Poetry?
But the poems are all lowercase i’s
trying to get uppercase I’s to pay the check
or else they’re full of ponds, gulls
things you’d appreciate if you could just
afford a summer home

Unless you’re talking
about greasy, corpse-stinking intercourse
with an electric outlet in jasmine breezes
on a felony hotwired prom night
while papa Edison sleeps fitfully
in the vaulted parlor above
we’re not talking about the same thing

Maybe the war is lost, but maybe it ain’t
Maybe this poem is mush, but that thing
that saved you from wanting to die every day—
what was that made out of?
What incredible alloy?
Do tell.


©2018 Colin Dodds




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Colin Dodds is a writer. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived in California briefly, before finishing his education in New York City. Since then, he’s made his living as a journalist, editor, copywriter and video producer. His poems, short stories and essays have appeared in more than three hundred publications, been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net Anthology. He has also directed a short film and built a twelve-foot-high pyramid out of PVC pipe, plywood and zip ties. One time, he rode his bicycle a hundred miles in a day. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and daughter. You can find more of his work at thecolindodds.com.

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