Canticle by David Seth Smith



Reload and be happy, for
thou shalt never be denied

We told them: “Your safety is essential to us

but like That Round-Headed Kid
and the football

sometimes a thing is only defined
by how many nanometers it

will always remain
just out of reach

We told them: “You’re in our thoughts and prayers

The shots sing:
You must be joking

The ghosts reply:
We don’t know how

Reload and eject
castings of children on the ground

like red dice

stratified between layers
of good intentions

as the current body count
leaves the headlines and joins

a collective amnesia
until you launch the next salvo

into the everyday lives of strangers

In nomine Telum et filii et Spiritus Sanguis

Reload and go mad
for thou art the blight of the world, and
they will spit your name in red
to empty halls

©2018 David Seth Smith

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